Permits & Zoning FAQ's

Does specific building/construction, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, etc., work require a permit?

Where do I report a zoning violation?

Contact the Zoning Officer at the Township Office. (215) 297-5656.

What is the zoning of my property?

Contact the Zoning Officer of the Township. (215) 297-5656.

Has my building permit been issued?

Contact the administration office at the Township building (215) 297-5656 to inquire about a permit.

Can you verify property ownership?

Yes. Call (215) 297-5656.

Does the Township have records for my lot?

Yes. Call (215) 297-5656.

How can I obtain a plot plan through the Township?

A Record Request Form can be filled out at the Township planning and zoning office to obtain a plot plan of a parcel. You will then be notified by the planning and zoning office that your request is complete within five business (5) days.

Does the Township provide a reference list of building contractors, plumbers or electricians for residents?


What is the difference between a grading permit and a building permit? What is the normal process for submission? What happens once it is submitted?

Grading permits are required when erosion control, sedimentation control and grading, and will take normally two to three weeks for processing through the Township Engineer's office. The building permit takes a week to ten days to be processed by the Zoning Officer and Building Inspector.

How would I obtain a Certificate of Appropriateness Application to be submitted to the Historical Architectural Review Board?

Certificate of Appropriateness Applications may be obtained at the Township administration office.