Planning, Code Enforcement & Permit Department

From new construction to home improvements, the Planning, Code Enforcement & Permit Department manages permit and zoning applications, ensuring that completed work is done to code so that the health, safety welfare and quality of life of our residents and visitors to Solebury Township is maintained and improved through compliance with the Ordinances that have been enacted by the Township Supervisors.

Permitting Process Improvement Project

One of Solebury Township's top priorities for 2016 is to improve its permitting process. In January, we formed the Permitting Process Improvement Project (PPIP) team to identify issues and implement solutions. The team consists of Michael Graeff (Solebury resident and licensed architect), Patrick Pastella (Solebury resident & builder), Gretchen Rice (former Solebury Township Zoning Officer), Helen Tai (Solebury Township Supervisor) and Matt Wojaczyk (Solebury Township Zoning Officer and Building Inspector).

The team has already identified many potential opportunities for improvement and have begun implementing changes. A summary of work to date may be found in the May 17 Board of Supervisor minutes.

To ensure that we are up to date in our understanding of how the permitting process is performing, we have set up an online survey. If you have been involved in obtaining a permit for a residential project in Solebury Township or had interaction with the Solebury Township permitting department since 2015, please take our survey here.

Your responses are strictly confidential and will help us continue to improve the permitting process.

The links below provide additional information available from the Planning, Code Enforcement & Permit Department: