Conservation Partners

Solebury Township is fortunate to partner with a number of highly respected local organizations in the pursuit of land preservation.  The committee currently employs the expertise of consultants from Heritage Conservancy  and the Bedminster Regional Land Conservancy as well as Land Preservation attorney, Terry Clemons, to work with landowners and to craft easements.

During the Township Land Preservation Program's early stages, there was a three-year agreement with the Brandywine Conservancy for consulting and to hold the new easements.  It was understood that at the end of three years, Solebury would align with a more local land trust.  In 2001, the Township reached agreement with the Bedminster Regional Land Conservancy, an all-volunteer nonprofit organization, committed to protection and preservation of land and natural resources in the Township.

Solebury also works closely with the Bucks County Agricultural Land Preservation Board on agricultural easements.  For more information, visit their website at Agricultural Land Preservation Program.