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  • Spring in Solebury

    View our Township Directory for staff, their positions and contact information.
    Photograph By: Mark Ludak

  • Preserving the Land

    Protecting and preserving the beauty, unique character and natural resources of Solebury Township includes appreciating its heritage.
    Photograph By: Mark Ludak

  • Trails and Parks

    View Solebury's Recreational Opportunities.
    Photograph By: Mark Ludak

  • Natural Abundance

    By planting native plant gardens, you can help to preserve the native plants that are disappearing from our area as well as create small oases for the wildlife in our neighborhoods.
    Photograph By: Mark Ludak

  • Protecting Our Resources

    Solebury's citizens have always had a strong commitment to preserving open space.
    Photograph By: Mark Ludak

  • Preserving Our Past

    Villages and hamlets are found in Solebury at historically important crossroads at points along the Delaware River...
    Photograph By: Mark Ludak

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The Solebury Township Police Department is now using a new communications service (NIXLE) that allows the Department to send important, valuable community information directly to residents who subscribe to the FREE service.

Quarry Permit Rescinded

The Pennsylvania Environmental Hearing Board (EHB) has rescinded New Hope Crushed Stone and Lime Company's permit to dig the quarry deeper, citing significant damage to the surrounding environment. The July 31 decision can be read in its entirety here.

The EHB, which hears appeals from actions taken by the state Department of Environmental Protection, ruled in favor of The Solebury School, which argued that mining activities caused the formation of sinkholes on the school campus, creating serious threats to the students and adults who live, work and study there.

At issue is whether the DEP erred when it granted the quarry a permit to deepen its mine to 170 feet below sea level, operations that require the constant pumping, or "dewatering," of the pit. The EHB found that the dewatering is the cause of the sinkholes at the school. The panel cited several instances where the DEP's decision to allow deepening of the quarry was flawed and concluded that the quarry “is causing and perpetuating a hazardous condition on its neighbor’s property.”

Both the DEP and the quarry have a right to appeal the order in Commonwealth Court.

Solebury Moves Forward on Public Works Improvements

After a long and difficult winter season that pushed Township road crews and equipment to the limit, the Board of Supervisors is moving forward on options to upgrade Solebury's public works facilities.

Currently, the Township's road maintenance and snow removal equipment are housed in a 50-year-old garage located behind the Township Hall. Last week, the Board agreed to hire a Bedminster-based architecture firm to present plans for a new, one-story facility on unused land adjacent to the Township facilities on Sugan Road.

Solebury Awarded Grant to Improve Traffic Safety

Solebury's proposal to monitor and improve the safety of three major traffic intersections in the Township has won PennDOT's financial support . The state has awarded a $165,000 grant to improve traffic signal monitoring and communication along Route 202 in Solebury: at the intersection with Kitchen's Lane and Route 179; where 202 meets Logan Square and Shire Lane, and at Sugan Road.

Responsible Yard And Garden Care Can Protect Water Quality

The growing season began early each year in Pennsylvania, so that means that many of us have already been hard at work preparing yards and gardens for the impending warmer weather.

From a water quality standpoint, it is important to remember that anything that you put on the ground -- from pesticides, to fertilizers, to manure -- has the potential to impact local waterways, the creatures that live there, or the people that use them for drinking water or recreation.