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  • Solebury Township Administration Building

    View our Township Directory for staff, their positions and contact information.
    Photograph By: Simone Collins

  • Ingham Spring

    Protecting and preserving the beauty, unique character and natural resources of Solebury Township includes appreciating its heritage.
    Photograph By: Simone Collins

  • Delaware River Canal

    View Solebury's Recreational Opportunities.
    Photograph By: Mark Ludak

  • Flowers at Township Building

    By planting native plant gardens, you can help to preserve the native plants that are disappearing from our area as well as create small oases for the wildlife in our neighborhoods.
    Photograph By: Mark Ludak

  • Ingham Spring - Fish Hatchery Area

    Solebury Township Parks and Recreation embraces the philosophy that leisure time activities enhance the quality of life by offering...
    Photograph By: Mark Ludak

  • Walking Bridge Over the Delaware at Lumberville

    Villages and hamlets are found in Solebury at historically important crossroads at points along the Delaware River...
    Photograph By: Don Schoenleber

Welcome to the new Solebury Township Website! 

This site is dedicated to providing Township residents and visitors with current events, recreational and volunteer opportunities, historical data, building and zoning requirements, and other pertinent information related to the Township.  Please take the time to visit our site; it is currently under construction and will be changing daily.  Feel free to provide feedback to Solebury Manager.


Check out the latest  events offered by the Free Library of New Hope Solebury.

Parks & Recreation


Planning, Code Enforcement &


HARB Meeting Canceled

The scheduled Nov. 3 meeting of the Solebury Township Historic Architectural Review Board has been canceled. The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, Dec. 1 at 7 p.m.

Comprehensive Plan - DRAFT

The draft Comprehensive Plan is available for review by clicking here.

The draft was reviewed and discussed at the October 7th Board of Supervisors meeting.

This link will take you to the download area, where you can view a plain copy of the draft plan.


The overarching goals of the Deer Management Program are to reduce crop and property damage, minimize the threat of disease, reduce deer related accidents and re-balance the ecosystem by managing the white-tailed deer population.

Overbrowsing by deer is a key cause of the depletion of the local woodland understory and the vegetation that lines local stream corridors. Deer management is an important part of Solebury’s long-term plan for maintaining and protecting vital water resources. When the ecosystem is in balance, plant life plays an essential role in stormwater management. Plant roots facilitate the reabsorption of water through the ground, which can help prevent localized flooding and recharge the groundwater supply.